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This chapter represents the entire Los Angeles / Southern California area. We have been active with monthly meetings since May, 2012 (10 in-person meetings a year, more than 6 webinars and participation in local conferences) and became an official chapter in November 2013.

Our membership has grown steadily and we now have over 1000 members. In representing cloud security, we have members from all different fields and ranks. We have CISOs, security admins, engineers, architects and managers working for a variety of businesses: technology, government, healthcare, banks, entertainments, and more. Our members represent both providers and consumers of cloud services, as well as general security practitioners.

Our in-person meetups are usually attended by 40-60 participants on average.

Sponsorships allow cloud security vendors to share their product/service in a variety of ways. Meeting sponsors can present information on their products and solutions to our chapter for a portion of the chapter meeting. Presenters also have the option to do giveaways via business card contributions. Additionally, sponsors will be credited at the meeting, as well as announced via social media (Twitter, MeetUp). With members and attendees including decision makers such as CISOs, IT Managers, etc., sponsorships provide contributing companies with exciting new business development opportunities.

Email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information regarding sponsorships.








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