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This chapter represents the entire Southern California area, all the way up to next official chapter in the BayArea. We have been active with monthly meetings since May, 2012 (10 meetings a year, no meetings in July and December) and became an official chapter in November 2013.

Our membership has grown steadily and we now have over 500 members. In representing cloud security, we have members from all different fields and ranks. We have CISOs, security admins, engineers, architects and managers working for a variety of businesses: technology, government, entertainments, and more. Our members represent both providers and consumers of cloud services, as well as general security practitioners.

Our meetups are usually attended by 30-50 participants on average. Our previous location sponsor, Cornerstone OnDemand, had provided us meeting spaces in a variety of sizes as our chapter continues to grow.

Sponsorships allow cloud security vendors to share their product/service in a variety of ways. Meeting sponsors can present information on their products and solutions to our chapter for a portion of the chapter meeting. Presenters also have the option to do giveaways via business card contributions. Additionally, sponsors will be credited at the meeting, as well as announced via social media (Twitter, MeetUp). With members and attendees including decision makers such as CISOs, IT Managers, etc., sponsorships provide contributing companies with exciting new business development opportunities.

Email [email protected] for more information regarding sponsorships.




Meeting space, parking, refreshments, supplies







Managing member and prospect communications








Single Meeting Sponsor – $400

  • Meet upwards of 30 potential new clients
  • Be recognized as a local supporter by posting your company logo on the local chapter page and on our Meetup site
  • Have your marketing write-up included in email blasts sent prior to a monthly meeting
  • Have a table at local chapter meeting
  • Promote your products and services
  • Bring a raffle prize to gather business cards
  • 5 minute product presentation

Amber – $300

  • Company logo on the Chapter Sponsors page and MeetUp page for 1 year

https://chapters.cloudsecurityalliance.org/socal/ & http://www.meetup.com/LASC-CSA/

Emerald – $500

  • Amber benefits, plus:
  • Introductory email to the meet-up members and follow up tweet
  • Sponsorship recognition at 1 Chapter Meeting a year and in Meeting announcements & e-mails.

Ruby – $1,000

  • Emerald benefits, plus:
  • Company Logo and link on our Home page for 1 year.
  • Once a year product/service 5 minute product presentation.

Diamond – $2,500

  • Ruby benefits, plus:
  • Company logo and link in our Diamond level sponsorship box on each webpage for 1 year.
  • Inclusion of up to 3 whitepapers associated with your service/product listing in the solutions directory.
  • Thanked for their sponsorship at each meeting
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