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Come and join us as at your local chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance. Please RSVP in advance.  We must have the names of all attendees by 3pm the day before the meeting.
With that in mind, go here:

Subject: CloudVelox for automating DR in the Cloud.  CloudVelox automates the entire migration and DR process in the cloud. The software does the discovery of existing networks, infrastructure, OS, kernels, security configurations, etc., creates a blueprint, clones the systems, and migrates the entire system into AWS, Azure or OpenStack-based cloud providers to become an extension of your existing DC. Initial migration and deployment typically poses significant effort, and the bulk of the cost for any IT project is typically consumed by integration. This platform addresses that pain and provides a solution that is infinitely less expensive, both from a cost and resources perspective.

Speakers: Ranjan Krishnamurthy, Regional Manager & Darren Boyd, Solutions Architect at CloudVelox.

There will also be brief presentations from the newly elected chapter Board.  All the candidates that submitted their intention to run last month were contested.  Thus, all positions were elected through acclamation.

Visitor parking is available on site on parking level 1. Look for the signs that say “Visitor Parking.” Bring your ticket with you so we can validate it before you leave.  Entrance to the parking complex is available through the Cloverfield Boulevard entrance. Once you park, take the elevator from the yellow colored elevator bank up to the 1st floor. Walk to the security desk and tell them you are here for a the Cloud Security Alliance meeting at Cornerstone onDemand.  Please bring a picture ID with you.

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