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Members of the Los Angeles/SoCal CSA Chapter:

I’m pleased to announce our leadership team for 2014. There were no contested positions, so all the roles were filled through acclamation. The incumbent leaders have stayed on for another year and we’ve added three additional board members, Aaron Guzman, Marco Tietz and Shannon Parks. Their roles along with the rest of the board members are listed below. For 2014, our team has already begun working on a few items, which I mention below and Kenny Totrakarn has also joined as an assistant to the board and will be helping us achieve our 2014 goals.

  • Chapter President, Gary Landau
    Coordinate board member activities and ensure chapter keeps on track with agreed upon focus area. Identify ways to increase chapter’s recognition and membership stature in the cloud industry. Ensure chapter meets CSA organization requirements.
  • Director of Communications, Kris Rides
    Send out chapter announcements and meeting notices. Maintain chapter website and presence on social networking sites.
  • Director of Finance, Shannon Parks
    Seek out sponsors to cover chapter costs and fund initiatives. Establish guidelines for vendor fees to cover meeting costs and build chapter fund. Manage the dispersing of chapter funds for agreed upon uses.
  • Director of Meeting Organization, Chris Herrera
    Arrange location with parking and conference room for chapter meetings and presentations.
  • Director of Membership, Peter Tshimanga
    Manage memberships to ensure retention of existing members and outreach to IT security and cloud practitioners to recruit new memberships. Work with other Directors and chapter members to develop and execute a Board approved Membership portfolio Strategic Plan, in concert with the focus of the chapter.
  • Director of Presentations, Chengwei Cheng
    Seek out vendors and speakers to present at chapter meetings.
  • Co-Director of Presentations, Aaron Guzman
    Seek out vendors and speakers to present at chapter meetings.
  • Director of Chapter Website, Marco Tietz
    Web master for the chapter website. Supporting HTML, CSS and plug-ins.

2013 has been a successful year for our chapter – our chapter was formally certified in November and the membership has grown to 157 members. We’re looking forward to doing more in 2014 and some of the items we’ve started working on are: We’d like to get a consensus from the members on our chapter focus/initiative and we have some ideas to discuss at the January meeting; we are putting more attention toward building our pipeline of presentations and presenters; and we will be creating our official chapter website.

We look forward to seeing you at the first meeting of 2014 on January 8th.
You Chapter Leadership Team

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