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Join the Seattle CSA for a Red Team Workshop sponsored and provided by our Chapter sponsor Vectra®. This is an educational hands-on lab where individuals can better understand the skills and tactics of the adversary. Participants will learn about critical attack vectors and how attackers plot, ploy and work their way into enterprise vulnerabilities. Participants will then take training wheels off for an open play as a “Red Team” attacker. Attendees will reconvene for a working session, walking through the live attacks from the morning and how blue teams, or the threat hunters, actually identify, detect and respond to advanced threats.

Participant Requirements:

  • Skill level: novice to intermediate
  • Basic attacking skills (i.e. Threat Hunters, Security Analysts, etc)
  • Basic knowledge with Linux/Kali systems
  • VPN installation required

3.5 CPE credits and a digital certificate upon completion.

Cost:  Free

Advance Registration is Required to attend and is limited to the first 30 participants.

As this event has reached capacity in the past, you will be asked to confirm your participation the week of February 22nd to open your spot to someone on the waitlist if you are unable to participate. Visit our Events page to register.

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