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Presentation / Speaker View
Clouds, Apps, and Trust
by Adam Swidler, Google
Cloud Compliance
by Mark Estberg, Microsoft
Data Protection of Virtual Machines
by Imam Sheikh, SafeNet
End-to-End Cloud Based Security
by Ian Hu, TAGnologies Spectrum Corp.
How to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Mushroom Cloud
by Brad Bemis, Network Computing Architects, Inc.
In the cloud, everything you think you know is wrong
by, Steve Riley, Office of CTO Riverbed Technology
90 minutes
Legal Concerns in Moving Data to the Cloud
by Denise Simons, Haystack Associates, Inc.
Microsoft’s Disaster Recovery Program & How the Cloud Changes It
by Angus Drummond, Microsoft.
Securing A Public Cloud
by Vivek Bhatnager, UnifyCloud
The Cloud Ready Organization: A Framework to Embrace the Cloud
by Andy Hopkins, Chrysalis BTS

Presentation / Speaker View
A Wholistic View Of Cloud Security, Government Affects, How It Relates To You
by Ed Kimm, Wowrack
Big Data Approaches to Cloud Security
by Paul Morse, WebMall Ventures
Can Encryption Alleviate Concerns About Moving to the Cloud?
by Steve Pate, High Cloud Security
Cloud Assurance: Combining a SOC2 with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)
by Aaron Brown, Deloitte & Touche
Cloud Security Alliance Research Update and the Open Certification Framework
by Jim Reavis, Cloud Security Alliance
Cloud Service Providers: Information Risk Assessments
by Cary Sholer, Farallon Risk Group LLC
Control over TRUST in the New World of Cloud and BYOD: It is possible!
by Gavin Hill, Venafi
HITECH Regulatory Traps for Healthcare Cloud Services
by John Christiansen, Christiansen IT Law
Legal Concerns Involving Cloud Computing
by Christopher Howard and Colin Folawn, Attorneys with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Memory Analysis with Volatility
by Russ McRee, Microsoft
Research Roadmap
by Luciano “J.R.” Santos, Cloud Security Alliance
VAST Responsibilities
by Aaron Clark, Veracode
Presentation / Speaker View
DaaS / VDI:  Security Risk or Reward
by Michael Fraser, VDI Space
APT’s – Detecting and Preventing
by Mark Porter, ZScaler
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Research
by David Manz and Steven Bradley, PNNL
Public-Sector Cloud Adoption, and Potential Security Benefits
by Michael Hamilton, M.K. Hamilton and Associates
The Changing Role of the CISO
by Vanessa Pegueros, Docusign
Protecting Intellectual Property in the Cloud
by Michael Baker, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Intelligence Led Security
by Michael Baker, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Psychology and Analytics in the Cloud
by Olav Opedal, Principal IT Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Corporation
Presentation / Speaker View
Summary of RSA / CSA April 2015 Conference by Craig Erickson, metriQuality PDF
Implementing Microsoft BI securely in the Cloud by Bill Wang, BI Consultant PDF
Mandatory Access Controls for Schema-less Records by Chad Hardin, Koverse PDF
Cloud Vigilance by Andrew Luke and Shannon Hennessy, TrustCC PDF
Perimeters and Unicorns: Two Things That Only Exist in IT Fairyland by Bob Gilbert, Netskope PDF
The Growth of Host Card Emulation for NFC Mobile Payment Smartphones in the Cloud by Karl J. Weaver, Newport Technologies PDF
Migrating Critical Applications to Private and Public Clouds Quickly and in Compliance by Norm Barber, UnifyCloud PDF
Experiment-as-a Service: Using Cloud Technology for Cyber Security Researchby David Manz PHD and Thomas W. Edgar, PNNL PDF
OpenStack Securityby Mike Lange, HP Cloud Services PDF
HP Container Securityby Shellee Aragon, HP Cloud Services PDF
Presentation / Speaker View
Threat Intelligence by Brett Peppe and Greg Reith, T-Mobile PDF
Adaptive Security by Jeff Francis, Illumino PDF
Security Considerations for Private vs. Public Clouds by Larry Hughes, CSA PDF
Blue Team vs. Red Team by Russ McRee, Microsoft PDF
Cyber Security Assessments by Steve White, CenturyLink PDF
Managing security risks in the cloud by Mark Jacobs, Microsoft PDF
DevOps at Speed by Gavin Hill, Venafi PDF
Regulatory Risks in a Post Wyndham World by Jake Bernstein, Newman Du Wors PDF
Cloud Hacking by Matt Burrough, Microsoft PDF
Presentation / Speaker View
Using Leaked Credentials as an attack vector by Stan Bounev and Michael Ridpath , Vericlouds PDF
Security Awareness for Mobile Dating Apps by Alex Villigas, Amazon Security and Trust and Julie Villigas, Masters Student / IT Consultant PDF
I0T Defense by Mark Leviathan, Leviathan Consulting PDF
Guiding Intrusion Response and Detection by Chris Compton, Alert Logic PDF
On Assume Breach by John Michener PhD, Casaba Security PDF
Hacking Smart Locks with a Smart Phone by Song Li, NewSky Security PDF
Threat Intelligence II: Don’t believe the wizard by Gregg Reith, T-Mobile and Brett Peppe, Atarasec PDF
Data Security and Cyber Threats: Navigating through vast landscapes by Gregg Ed Kimm, Stratacore PDF
Presentation / Speaker View
Achieving Continuous Compliance in a Public Cloud  by Gururaj Pandurangi Avyan Consulting and Frank Simorjay, Microsoft PDF
Your Future in the Cloud  by Kevin Peterson, Zscaler PDF
Charting the Course through Disruption  by JR Santos, CSA Global PDF
Trust Me – The Convergence of Security and Marketing by Nick Ellsmore, CEO, Security Colony PDF
Modern Solutions to Overcome Modern Enterprise Mobility Challenges by Satish Shetty, CEO, Codeproof Technologies PDF
Your Device in My Miner – Cryptocurrency, Economy and Cybersecurity by Song Li, CTO, NewSky Security PDF
Blockchain Evolution by Jeffery Westcott, CFO, Cloud Security Alliance Security PDF
CASB – What is a CASB and Why Do You Need by Katherine Jingck, Senior Cloud Security Architect, Premera Blue Cross PDF
Blockchain: Finding Signal in the Noise by Dustin Weldon, Principal Blockchain Engineer, Globsys PDF
C2SEC: The Future of Cyber Risk Assessment by Chengyun Chu, CEO and Co-Founder, C2SEC PDF
SDL That Won’t Break the Bank by Steve Lipner, Executive Director, SafeCode PDF
AWS Pentesting with PACU by Spencer Gietzen, Pentester, Rhino Security Labs PDF
Presentation / Speaker View
Getting to Resilient  by Aaron Burak, CTO, King County PDF
Cloud Data Security and Governance by Vishnu Arunachalam, CTO, Redapt PDF
The Benefits of SSL Deep Packet Inspection by Jeffery Bird, Senior Security Specialist, Juniper Networks PDF
Privacy and Security Regulations – The Changing Landscape by Denise Simons, Founder CEO, Haystack Associates PDF
Chaos Enginerring by Karun Chennuri, Senior Software Engineer, T-Mobile PDF
Deconstructing the Mueller Report: Russian Hacking and What is Next by Jon Espenschied, Director, Information Security and Compliance, Socrata PDF
HiFi Security: Achieving High Fidelity Security Analytics by Omer Singer, Sr. Security Architect, Snowflake PDF
Securing Docker Run Time by Doug Hegge, Platform Architect, Tanium PDF
Privacy by Melissa Van Buhler, Attorney, Focal Law PDF
Third Party Risk Management by Michael Reiter, Director, Coalfire PDF
Building a Cyber Resilient Email Platform by Wayne Tynes, Senior Sales Engineer, Mimecast PDF
Hybrid Identity by WNicklaus Koeppen Systems Integrator, Radiant Logic PDF
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