September 2020 Chapter Meeting

September 23rd 2020 6-8pm

Chapter Meeting Agenda:
6:00pm-6:15pm Chapter Business
6:15pm-8:00pm Presentations
Location: On-Line

attendance qualifies for 2 CISSP credits


Scott S. Perry, Scott S. Perry CPA, PLLC
Creating Digital Trust Using Cloud-Based Blockchain Ecosystems
Given that blockchain technology creates strong cryptographic controls securing the integrity of data, this technology can be used to established to promote a new layer of security in Internet transactions. The ubiquity of blockchain utilities operating on cloud infrastructure can advance the transition of physical credentials such as driver’s licenses and college diplomas to a more secure digital platform.
This paradigm shift requires the interoperable cooperation and strong governance of many participants including security assessors. In this presentation, Scott Perry will discuss how trust is created in blockchain systems and the varying layers (i.e. ledger, agent, credential exchange and governance) that add trust within interoperable parties and reliance to external blockchains within the web of trust.
As Co-Chair of the Trust over IP Foundation (founded by the Linux Foundation) Governance Working Group, and author of the first robust trust assurance model for blockchains, he will discuss how all blockchains networks can add accountability within stakeholder roles to ensure that blockchains are trustworthy above the embedded cryptographic trust assertions.
The target of this presentation is leaders and participants in industry who are seeking greater acceptance and assurance in the trustworthiness of their ecosystem.
Come to learn which role systems auditors, cybersecurity professionals, and risk management experts will have to play to ensure trust must be built and maintained when adopting such cutting-edge technologies.
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