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Chapter Business

Price Oden kicked off the meeting by thanking our Corporate Sponsor BAE Systems Detica for the meeting refreshments followed by Chapter Business which included:

  • An overview of the upcoming Executive Luncheon on May 22nd 2013 at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle.  John Howie from CSA and Kirk Bailey from the University of Washington are the featured speakers for the event.  Members are encouraged to register early as seating is limited for this event and it is already filling up.  See our Upcoming Events page for more information and to register.
  • A reminder that our Chapter Podcasts and past presentation materials are available on our website on the Resources page and on Facebook.
  • An overview of speakers at upcoming meetings including our next Chapter Meeting, April 25th 2013 with presentations by Robert Bunge, Professor Network Security, at DeVry University and Lori Woehler, Senior Director, Compliance, Windows Azure, at Microsoft.

Meeting Presentations

Tim Ferguson, Sales Solution Engineer, McAfee an Intel Company
Presented:Security’s (almost) Big Data and its effects on Incident Response”
Tim’s discussion focused on how security can benefit from the information available within big data to identify trends about security threats to systems. Because of the sheer volume and velocity of the data generated he pointed out that IT could benefit from business intelligence modeling techniques, used by marketing professionals, to sift through big data and identify meaningful, relevant data and trends, and the need to apply targeted analysis to the data in order to develop effective incident response processes.

Tim Ferguson focuses on Security Information and Event Management in the Pacific Northwest working across all segments to include Commercial, Enterprise, Government, Higher Ed, and Healthcare. Before coming to McAfee Tim spent four years working on the Microsoft Network Security team as both a Security Analyst as well as a Program Manager. Coupled with nine years in the US Navy as a System Administrator and Network Security Vulnerability Technician, Tim has a multifaceted and holistic view of IT network security.

Paul Morse, President, WebMall Ventures
Presented:  “Big Data Approaches to Cloud Security”
Paul provided an overview of the predictive abilities of Cloud providers big data to identify system threats, vulnerabilities, and forensic data on access attempts and breaches. He pointed out that because Cloud providers gather information from across their client base, including different regions and industries, it provides an opportunity to spot trends and identify threats in order to respond to security issues faster and to predict and avoid future security threats. Paul concluded his presentation with a demonstration of analysis software showing how it is used to identify security issues and the forensic information that can be used to investigate threats and breaches.

Paul Morse is President of WebMall Ventures, and has been focused on Cloud Computing in all forms for several years. He is the creator of the Desktop Private Cloud platform and is on the Cloud Certificate Curriculum Advisory Board at the University of Washington. Paul has trained hundreds of people on virtualization and cloud concepts and has used, and partnered with, many cloud providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, RackSpace, Citrix, Eucalyptus, Nimbula and others. He is also the primary sponsor of which drives cloud computing into the classroom. His current focus is using big data solutions to interpret the massive amount of machine data that is generated by complex cloud architectures.

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