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Chapter Business

Marc Pinotti kicked off the Chapter Business portion of the meeting with:

  • July we will have our summer social at Launch Consulting.  We will have appetizers, wine and beer as well as raffle prizes.  The event is free but advance registration is required so we can get a count for food.

Meeting Presentations

Mark Jacobs, Microsoft

“Managing security risk in the cloud”

Abstract:  When considering cloud hosting, data security is an essential part of your decision making process. Making an informed decision is very challenging, especially when data center operations and other key elements of the service provider are not visible. Establishing a partnership with your cloud provider is important to understanding data security within third-party solutions. With transparency into the service, you can establish a clearer picture of the risk management responsibilities and build a relationship of trust.

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Gavin Hill, Venafi

“DevOps at Speed”

Abstract: Digitization is driving a fundamental change in society that is transforming the way businesses work with their customers, their supply chains and their people. Containers have helped DevOps teams speed up application deployment, but at what cost? Information security has been notably absent from the DevOps movement. Speed shouldn’t negatively impact security. One specific area that has received little focus to date is keys and certificates. Why? Because acquiring them and provisioning them causes bottlenecks and slows enterprise velocity. In the cloud, you can’t afford to wait 48 hours to provision key material for a service. As a result, the enterprise has no visibility or control while DevOps teams introduce new risks. Keys and certificates are the foundational to effective security. Adversaries are outsmarting enterprise security strategies by exploiting the foundation of online security. Gartner expects 50% of network attacks to use encrypted SSL/TLS by next year. 100% of organizations have responded to an attack that misuses keys and certificates in the last two years. And an alarming 54% of them can’t determine friend versus foe. We need to adapt.


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