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Chapter Business

After networking and pizza Marc Pinotti kicked off the Chapter Business portion of the meeting which included:

  • An overview from the Chapter Luncheon with Michael Hamilton.
  • A reminder about the upcoming July Chapter Meeting with Price Oden and Aradhna Chatel who will present an interactive round table discussion on “Real World Experience in Deploying Enterprise Systems to the Cloud”.


Meeting Presentations

Vanessa Pegueros, Deputy CISO, DocuSign discussed “Security Profiles of  CISO

The focus of the talk included on key success factors for CISOs going forward as well as some of the pitfalls of how things used to be done. Vanessa profiled the CISO “types” similar to the PEMCO Northwest profiles and talked about what types are successful with which company cultures. She pointed to past expectations of a CISO and how those success factors may or may not be holding up with what is expected of a CISO in today’s environment.
Vanessa Pegueros currently works with DocuSign heading up the Enterprise Security and Risk function with the goal of providing industry-leading security to its customers. Vanessa formerly worked with US Bank as the Senior VP responsible for Enterprise Information Security and a team of over 120 people. She also was the CISO at Expedia and has held senior level security roles with Washington Mutual, Cingular and AT&T Wireless. She has held numerous other roles specifically within the wireless arena including Network Planning, Architecture & Engineering, Technical Sales, and Product Development. She has a particular expertise in mobile security and has presented and written on the topic of mobile security. She has an MBA from Stanford University, a MS in Telecommunication from the University of Colorado, and a BS in Engineering from UC Berkeley. She holds GSEC, CRISC, CISM and CISSP security certifications.

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Michael Baker, Director Business Development, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence discussed “Protecting Intellectual Property in the Cloud”

Michael Baker presentation focused on different methods to protect information from external forces and protecting information from the vendor (contractual obligations).
Michael Baker has more than 25 years’ experience and success in the IT and Security fields. He has been involved in international inter-governmental trade groups for more than 15 years particularly in the area of telecommunications and information technology, providing expert advice to member economies through presentations, committee work and project management related to electronic commerce and online security.

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