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Chapter Business

Brett Peppe, Principal Engineer, and Greg Reith, Senior Engineer, Corporate Information Security, T-Mobile

Threat Intelligence:  Toto I don’t think we are Kansas anymore and  Adaptive Security & Micro-Segmentation

Meeting Presentations

Jeff Francis, Regional Systems Engineer, Illumio

“Adaptive Security: Migration to the Cloud Without Compromising Your Security”

Traditional firewall-based security vendors, both physical and virtual, have developed features and performance specs unimaginable even ten years ago.  But the threats against a modern datacenter, both brick-and-mortar and cloud-based, have evolved even faster.  As organizations look to migrate to both public and private cloud, they’re faced with some very hard choices regarding security.  Whether applied to public cloud, private cloud, or traditional datacenter networks, security has never been able to keep up with the ability of devops to spin up new servers and services. Not only is this gap widening, it’s accelerating with the adoption of new technology such as containers.  When it takes under a minute to spin up a hundred new containers that will only have a lifespan of 24 hours, but it takes a week to create, approve, and deploy the policy to protect them, it’s time to look for a new approach to protecting your assets.  Adaptive Security is a new way of looking at network security, whether in traditional datacenters or in the cloud; applying consistent policy regardless of location, and applying that security in real time as servers are created, migrated, and destroyed.
Jeff has worked in IT, telecommunications, networking, and security since 1989, as a systems administrator, network engineer, electrical engineer, and software developer, spending much of the last 15 years as a Sales and Systems Engineer on the vendor side.  Jeff currently works for Illumio, just recognized by Forbes Magazine on their list of Hottest Startups of 2015.

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