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Chapter Business

The meeting began with speaker presentations from Lori Woehler and Robert Bunge followed by a brief overview of Chapter Business from Marc Pinotti.

  • Reminder to register for the Executive Luncheon on May 22nd 2013 at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle.  See our Upcoming Events page for more information and to register.
  • Our next Chapter meeting May 23rd will feature presentations by Christopher Howard and Colin Folawn attorneys with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt.  Christopher and Colin will speak about relevant case law around cloud computing, compliance issues, ediscovery and answer your questions regarding best practices.
  • Many thanks to our Chapter volunteers including Robert Bunge and his team for putting together our podcast interviews and Justin Brecese, Sean Chung, and Casey Rodgers for their work creating and running our Facebook and Google+ sites.

Meeting Presentations

Lori Woehler, Senior Director, Compliance, Windows Azure, Microsoft
Lori discussed best practice standards to build a comprehensive security compliance framework, bringing together a coalition of accepted standards and practices such as COSO, NIST in concert with transparency of operations such as in CSA’s STAR registry in the assessment process.  Lori pointed out a benefit to mapping the practices, compliance, and standards reduces silos of compliance streamlining an organizations compliance structure.

Robert Bunge, Professor, Network Security, DeVry University
Bob provided an overview of the collegiate Cyber Security Competitions.  The competitions are designed to give students the chance to apply classroom theory and skills to defend against real-time targeted cyberattacks, led by professional security testers, in a controlled, scored setting.  Each competition revolves around a compelling, simulated scenario based on real-world systems that represents the effects of various cyberattacks.  Bob discussed the need, issues and challenges of creating and holding competitions in the Cloud to prepare students for careers in the Cloud security industry.

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