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President:  Denise Simons

Denise is the founder and principal consultant with Haystack Associates Inc. an information management/compliance consulting firm.  She has over 20 years experience assisting enterprises with the assessment of industry, State, U.S. Federal and International compliance requirements and developing programs that address risk and discovery issues, document compliance, and effectively manage the retention, destruction, and security of information assets.

Vice President / Research Director:  Eric Harman

Eric is the Senior Manager – Cyber Defense Consulting at Accenture with a strong emphasis in security and privacy for cloud platforms that focusing on compiling industry analysis and competitive research to develop market-leading solutions that drive core operational capabilities for the effective governance of cloud first technologies.

Secretary / Treasurer:  Rena Cummings

Rena Cummings is currently a student at Edmonds Community College studying IT Security, Cloud and IoT . She holds a MS in Technology and Project Management, BS in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.  Her background includes 10 years working in manufacturing industry as a Manufacturing  Engineer. Her goal is to focus on Cloud  and IoT Security.

Program Director:  Scott Wu

Scott has led many behavioral detection initiatives in security since 2003. He held engineering/research and management roles for Symantec, Microsoft and McAfee, shipped flagship products of Norton, Windows Defender and McAfee Total Protection, each with over 500 million users. His research team in McAfee spearheaded predictive threat intelligence system, enabling Intel Security’s foothold in APT hunting space. Scott owns multiple patents of behavioral and predictive detection technology.

Communications Director:  Bhaskar Ganti

Bhaskar Ganti is a Principal with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry with 13+ years specifically  focused on SAP GRC Suite of products (Process Controls, Access Controls, and Risk Management), SAP R/3, Net Weaver Technologies Security and authorizations with a strong understanding of information security practices and adequate hands on experience in SAP Security Implementation. In his professional capacity, Ganti has been instrumental in the development and maturity of Enterprise Governance models, Risk Management Frameworks, Policy Management & IT Compliance Management, leveraging frameworks such as CObIT5, COSO and NIST. Ganti sits on the board of ISACA (Puget Sound) and is their liaison for cybersecurity for the Greater Seattle Area. He loves spicy food and enjoys cooking and traveling in his spare time.


Vivek Bhatnagar, President, Unifycloud

Marc Pinotti, Vice President, Unifycloud

Price Oden, Cloud Security Lead, Microsoft

Michael Baker, Director Cyber Security Services, BAE

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