The vision of the Greater Seattle Chapter of CSA is to serve as the nexus for Cloud Security ensuring cloud computing is appropriately secure for all providers and users.

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October 25, 2015

2015 Chapter Cloud Security Survey

The CSA Seattle Chapter Cloud Security survey helps us measure opinions, trends and changes in sentiment to adopting cloud services. We invite you and your peers to participate in the CSA 2015 Cloud Security survey at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/csa2015survey. We will share the results of our surveys at a future CSA Greater Seattle Area chapter […]

September 27, 2015

Job Announcements

Current Job Postings Microsoft is currently recruiting for the following Security Positions

May 3, 2015

2014 Cloud Security Survey

The Seattle Chapter of CSA selects an area of interest each year that contributes to our mission to promote secure cloud computing. The CSA Seattle Chapter Survey is used to measure customer adoption rates and issues or concerns with cloud based solutions.

September 8, 2014


View our latest Podcast with Michael K. Hamilton, CEO, M.K. Hamilton & Associates, on the “Public Regional Information Security Event Management (PRISEM)” system. Mr. Hamilton discusses the Washington State PRISEM system which is being developed and adopted as the standard for monitoring and responding to information security threats and events in the public sector throughout the Pacific Northwest Region.

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