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We follow the traditions and Vision of Cloud Security Alliance Global. In New Zealand, we have strong IT security culture and environment; intellectually the information security professionals within this country have produced research documents, solutions and artefacts to benefit the country and world at large. We established as New Zealand Chapter in July 2011 with a vision to promote the research base of Cloud Security Alliance in New Zealand.

Our main vision is to work side by side with global partners and alliances to formulate cloud security best practices that is suitable and according to the environment of New Zealand. We will be working in these cloud security dimensions:

1       Producing security best practices for cloud computing by incorporation of security standards of New Zealand

2        Creating a program of Cloud Security Awareness and education for New Zealand

3        Voicing the cloud security experts research scholarship internationally which includes data protection, privacy and Security TRIAD (confidentiality, integrity and availability)





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November 28, 2011

Welcome to Cloud Security Alliance Chapters Sites. This site is dedicated to Cloud Security Alliance New Zealand and its work associated with cloud security within the boundaries of New Zealand.

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