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Our December Legal Working Group meeting was held on December 20, 2012. Thank you to our sponsor Dykema Law Firm.


1.       Google Drive Demo / Overview (Stu)

2.       Basecamp Demo / Overview (EM)

3.       LWG Charter Feedback

a.       Can you all try to review prior to Thursday so we can discuss any updates?

b.      I have attached the charter and it is available on the Google Drive, of which I believe Stuart has invited most/all of you.

c.       We’ll go through a quick overview of how to use Google Drive for those that have not used it

4.       Review Updated Artifact(s)

a.       I’ll have an updated document that reflects the changes we discussed at our last session

5.       SAMPLE Content

a.       I’ll bring some sample content such as legal language; security control mappings; and associated CCM references for review / discussion

b.      Dave/et. Al  – Do you have some sample content that you can bring / share?

6.       Next Steps

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